Our Services

The UCPA provides 24 hour care to 30 permanent residents and 3 day care children here at the UCPA. Most of our children are abandoned, so the staff here is the only family they have ever known. Most of the children are incontinent and wheelchair bound, they rely on the care workers for their basic daily needs.

We run a stimulation programme weekdays in the morning, where the children are stimulated and massaged.

There are 6 children who attend speech therapy at Wits on a weekly basis.

We try and provided a homely environment for these children and strive to help them reach their full potential.

Services Information

  • 24 Hour care
  • Residential and day car facilities
  • Stimulation workshop (Mon – Fri, 08h30 – 11h30)
  • Monthly visits from Department of Education, OT, Speech Therapist and Dietician as well as Department of Health and Safety
  • Please contact the Admin Office for any enquiries.

Admission Criteria

  • Applicant has to be diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy
  • Applicant has to be 3 years or older
  • Applicant must be severely mentally handicapped
  • Applicant must not be bedridden or be fed through a tube (peg)
    Applicant is assessed by the UCPA’s senior Sister / Executive Director
  • Parents are interviewed by the Sister and Executive Director
  • All medical details are handed over to the Sister
  • Interview with Executive Director
  • Means test
  • After assessment and application is successful, application forms are issued
  • Applicant / parents must be able to make some monetary contribution
  • Applicant to complete necessary documentation for review board
  • Only once applicant is approved and accepted by the Review Board do we admit applicant