About Us – Vision, Mission, Objectives


We currently accommodate 30 permanent residential residents, and 3 day care residents.

The fact that the UCPA has survived over the last 5 decades encourages us to believe that with the help of our wonderful supporters our vision is indeed achievable.

Our ‘vision’ is ultimately  to complete the ‘Healthcare Training Centre’, to provide healthcare care workers with an opportunity to acquire the necessary training and skills to take care of mentally and physically disabled children and adults.


The UCPA exists to serve all persons with cerebral palsy, regardless of ability or race.

We aim to empower individuals with CP to reach their maximum potential and lead happy and fulfilled lives. For over 6 decades the Association has cared for the needs of the entire country and even across our borders our reputation is an established fact.

We are known as a caring, efficient and professional institution. During the entire life of the Association our integrity has never been challenged. We are always open to the public and our objectives are clearly defined – the children in our care are our foremost and primary concern.

We are committed to continuous excellence in providing quality service and care for children with Cerebral Palsy in a financially stable environment.


  • Provide the best service and care possible for our dependees
  • Do everything possible to ease the pain and suffering for those for whom we care
  • Encourage creativity and innovation amongst our staff, parents and donors thereby ensuring we keep abreast of all developments
  • Act with integrity and recognize our responsibility towards our children and staff
  • Help develop our staff, thereby creating security, satisfaction and professionalism and opportunity
  • Maximize our profitability by utilizing our funds and property to its full potential and minimize our losses through professional management to provide a fair return to our children and staff, thereby ensuring the UCPA’s independence
  • Ensure financial stability and total transparency