Company Profile

The UCPA was established in the 1950’s by Harry Kessler whose daughter suffered from Cerebral Palsy. From then the organization has grown to accommodate 50 children.  We provide round the clock care to these children, seeing to their basic daily needs. The UCPA is a residential as well as a day care facility. We are licenced by the Department of Health.

What we are

The United Cerebral Palsy Association of South Africa ‘Harry Kessler Centre’ is home to 30 residential and 3 day care children and adults who suffer the effects of Profound Cerebral Palsy:




Speech defect



Mental Disability

Combination of all Disabilities

All of whom require and receive round-the-clock-care.  Most residents have been abandoned or orphaned and come from all over South Africa (3years of age upwards).

Who we are

We are a Non-Profit  Organization licensed by the Department of Mental Health.


Our residents count on your support as your contribution helps us provide specialized nursing care, medical care,  schooling, food, clothing and other essentials and above all a home they can call their own with ‘mothers’ who love them and help them reach their full potential.  C.P. is caused through lack of oxygen to the brain before, during or after birth.